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Comprehensive Mainstreet Commercial Flooring Solutions

Aladdin Commercial is much more than a collection of flooring products. It is a comprehensive Mainstreet Commercial program built specifically to provide customers the right flooring solutions for any end use application.

From department stores to libraries, high schools to media rooms, Aladdin Commercial’s solid portfolio of stylish products is designed to beautifully complement every setting with the perfect mix of fresh style and premium long-lasting durability.

Every Aladdin Commercial product is backed by Mohawk, the Fortune 500’s largest flooring supplier and the world’s leading producer and distributor of quality flooring. Mohawk consistently delivers top performance, superior sustainability, winning value and unmatched service.


Offering more colors and styles than ever before, our Quickship InStock and Quickship programs provide instant access to hundreds of ready-to-order carpet. 


Functional Yet Chic
Retailers vote Aladdin Commercial carpet the winner of National Floor Trends’ 2011 Styling Excellence Award.

Product Offerings
Aladdin Commercial has strategically developed products that most closely match consumer preferences.

Environmental Leadership
Aladdin Commercial and Mohawk are firmly committed to responsible environmental stewardship.

Cushion Systems
Mohawk Cushion systems provide eco–friendly carpet protection with commercial and residential synthetic fiber cushion.


Aladdin Commerical Product Offerings

Aladdin Commercial’s seven popular fiber constructions cover every Mainstreet Commercial product category. The Aladdin Commercial displays explain each category as well as the fiber characteristics and recommended end use locations.

Nylon Graphics

Patterns, graphic loops
ColorStrand and ColorStrand Solution Dyed nylon
Any commercial setting; ideal for active offices, high traffic retail, institutional, hospitality and many healthcare applications

Aladdin Commercial nylon graphics offer a variety of styling options: monolithic, small-scale geometrics, handcrafted woven looks and more.

Level Loop Nylon

Nylon loop/textured loop products
ColorStrand Solution Dyed nylon
Generally recognized as acceptable entry-level choice for any high-traffic commercial application

Cut Pile Nylon

Solid color cut piles from broad color palettes
ColorStrand nylon
Popular for office environments, church areas and other related facilities

Cut Pile Nylon Graphics & Precision Cut/Uncut

Subtle, upscale graphic patterns
ColorStrand nylon
Appropriate for office, retail, hospitality and residential applications

Upscale Mainstreet Commercial hospitality products provide smart, sophisticated styling options for multiple applications

Modular Tile

Great styling selection of value-priced modular carpet tiles in various designs and 2' x 2' sizes
ColorStrand nylon
Retail, hospitality, institutional, health care, corporate, recreational and residential

Aladdin Commercial nylon graphics offer a variety of styling options: monolithic, small-scale geometrics, handcrafted woven looks and more.

Polypropylene Graphics

Graphic loops in multiple color combinations and progressive small-scale patterns
PermaStrand polypropylene
Most areas of moderate to heavy traffic

Level Loop Polypropylene

Vivid, natural colorations
PermaStrand polypropylene
Multi-use moderate and light foot traffic environments, both residential and commercial; great for kid-friendly areas


Mohawk Protection Plus
Most Aladdin Commercial products feature Mohawk Protection Plus topical stain- and soil-resistant treatment to significantly improve resistance to food and beverage stains.*

*As compared to an untreated carpet of similar construction

Mohawk-branded adhesives are recommended for all Aladdin Commercial products to ensure optimal installation results. Mohawk-branded adhesives are required for all modular product installations. Aladdin Commercial offers a full range of Mohawk-branded adhesives.

Mohawk’s synthetic fiber cushions meet all the necessary requirements for proper installation and performance of commercial carpet in commercial applications. Aladdin Commercial cushion has 100% recycled content and is CRI Green Label Plus certified. The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommendations for berber-style carpets* apply to commercial carpet used in residential applications.

Carpet Cove Base
Can use this copy from video script: Aladdin Commercial will custom bind carpet cove base for any Mainstreet Commercial style from 4" to 6 ½" wide. The minimum footage requirement is 300 linear feet.

Quick Ship
Aladdin Commercial’s Quick Ship collections include a wide range of bestselling styles and colors. Depending on the Quick Ship style/color ordered, stock will be assigned at the mill in 5 – 10 business days.

Aladdin Commercial backings are carefully selected and crafted to complement the varied carpet products. Custom backing options improve the overall performance and life cycle of the product and also carry enhanced warranties. Individual backing details are listed on one of the display storyboards.

  • Actionbac
  • Unitary
  • Unitary w/ Actionbac
  • EnviroCel Cushion—polyurethane
  • EnviroCel Laminate—polyurethane

Technical Services
Aladdin Commercial’s dedicated Technical Services team is available at 1-888-387-9881 to answer questions, provide product information and offer any additional help necessary.

Environmental Leadership

Mohawk is firmly committed to responsible environmental stewardship, and Aladdin Commercial demonstrates this commitment through various products, programs and processes.

  • CRI Green Label Plus certification on all products
  • Recycled content in carpet and backings and 100% recycled content in cushion
  • ReCover program to recycle old carpet
  • Partnerships with other organizations to minimize landfill waste
  • Naturally renewable vegetable-based content in EnviroCel™ backings
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Colorstrand® Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN)

Colorstrand, a premium branded 100% solution dyed nylon, contains 25% pre-consumer recycled content* and features over 100 fresh, invigorating colors. It’s five times more resistant to fading than conventionally dyed nylons and its heavy denier helps repel dirt and prevent soiling.

  • Recycled content meets USGBC LEED® criteria and is third-party-certified by Underwriters Laboratory®
  • Proven to last longer for less impact on the environment
  • CRI Green Label Plus® certified for VOC emissions
  • Recyclable through Mohawk’s ReCover program

*Use of Mohawk sustainable backing systems increases the total recycled content

UltraSetRC Modular Backing

Engineered for superior performance, UltraSetRC is a top-quality, five-layer cushion modular backing system with recycled content. Guaranteed to never cup, dome, dish, shrink or expand, it also offers an effective moisture barrier.

  • PVC backing contains 35% minimum recycled content, based on total product weight
  • Made with high-performance Celceram™, also known as coal fly ash, which greatly increases backing’s recycled content and carpet’s dimensional stability
  • Supports EPA and other federal agency initiatives
  • Meets the Gold Certification standard for LEED certification requirements

EnviroCel Cushion and EnviroCel Laminate Custom Backings

EnviroCel™ is the first high-performance, environmentally friendly polyurethane carpet backing developed exclusively for Mainstreet Commercial applications. EnviroCel polyurethane is highly resistant to moisture and is a perfect fit for areas such as hotels, restaurants and schools that incur repeated wet cleanings. EnviroCel Laminate is lighter, more flexible, easy to install and less expensive to manufacture. EnviroCel Cushion insulates against sound transfer and energy loss, provides comfort underfoot and also reduces fatigue.

  • Contains over 90% bio-based polymers derived from domestically grown vegetables such as soybeans
  • Incorporates post-consumer recycled P.E.T. plastic from soft drink and water bottles
  • Produces low VOC levels which contribute to total project credit for LEED certification

EnviroCel/Project Yellowstone

Universal Textile Technologies, Mohawk’s partner and the manufacturer of EnviroCel, is collaborating with Yellowstone National Park to help reduce the park’s dependency on area landfills by promoting the reuse of discarded plastic bottles. Universal will purchase the recyclable bottles that Yellowstone collects and convert them into EnviroCel™ environmentally friendly polyurethane backing systems for carpet. Yellowstone and customers across the United States will be able to purchase carpets that combine recycled content from the park with Universal’s bio-based polyol technology.

The unique partnership not only diverts plastics from landfills, it protects and creates U.S. jobs and dramatically decreases the fuel and other resources used to transport materials around the planet. The Georgia Tech Research Institute has provided third-party verification for this innovative project.


As part of its all-encompassing sustainability commitment, Mohawk helps customers dispose of old worn-out carpet the environmentally friendly way. Mohawk’s ReCover program makes recycling carpet for commercial projects extra-easy. Any carpet is acceptable, not just Mohawk carpet.

  • Call toll-free 1-877-3RE-CYCL (1-877-373-2925) to speak with a live Customer Service representative
  • Get an all-inclusive quote within 24-48 hours
  • Let Mohawk’s nationwide network of carpet recyclers handle all the carpet recycling logistics like containers and shipping

Back to Earth Packaging - Biodegradable Adhesive Pails

When introduced into a microbial environment, Back to Earth enhances microbial activity. It will add nutrients and other organic compounds which weaken the polymer chain and allow microbial action to colonize in and around the plastic and completely metabolize the plastic, turning it into inert biomass, biogas or CO2.

  • Within the first few days of exposure the package will start to degrade
  • After months of exposure the packages organic additive will cause increased breakdown
  • 6-18 months of exposure the microbe colonies will continue to eat away at the polymer chain
  • Within 1-5 years the package will be in the final stages of decomposition