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Schumacher Homes

Paul Schumacher with Schumacher Homes


"At Schumacher Homes we pride ourselves on being a family business. Because really we are a family and we do business with families designing homes from the ground up to meet their specific design and budget needs. We start off with the plans designed by some of the leading architects in the country and then we allow customers to change it any way they want. Flooring is very important to our customers because that's the finishing touch that ties the whole house together. It's what they're experiencing every day and seeing when they live in their home. So it is an absolute critical factor that they tie their whole design, their concept and their lifestyle together. It's kind of the common thread that they see probably more than any other factor in the home on an everyday basis.


Mohawk is our single source flooring provider for everywhere we build in the country." Watch the video to hear more about this partnership.