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Preserving Our Natural Resources Is A No-Brainer

Mohawk takes great pride in its leadership to preserve our planet's natural resources. Mohawk GreenWorks innovations not only create environmentally friendly products, they also help save water and energy. We constantly find ways to change and upgrade our facilities and processes to minimize water usage and find alternative forms of energy.

Natural Resources


  • Our innovative approach to dealing with wastewater during our Sugar Valley, Georgia, expansion resulted in pure water that allows for flower growth and attracts birds and other wildlife to the surrounding wetlands.
  • Much of Mohawk's manufactured ceramic tile comes from plants that do not produce one drop of wastewater.


Running the boilers of a one-million-square-foot plant on renewable energy from bio–based fuel is just one way we look for alternative energy sources. We also evaluate alternatives to coal in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and acid rain precursors. In addition:

  • We convert sawdust waste into energy in some areas.
  • We use bio–mass as a fuel source at many of our domestic and international sites. For example, we use “Yellow Grease” (animal fat) as a 100-percent-renewable green bio–fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants.
  • Production of Sorona™ fiber, used in our carpets featuring SmartStrand™ with DuPont® Sorona™ renewably sourced polymer, uses 30 percent less energy than its petroleum–based counterpart.

At Mohawk, we’re committed to environmental leadership that works!

Visit for specific facts/numbers and other information about Mohawk sustainability initiatives.