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Mohawk Flooring Guides


Understanding The Basics

A little reading on your end will mean that you find the dazzling Mohawk Carpet that’s the absolute best fit for every room in your home. Discover which construction and style will work best and where, as well as uncover the facts about carpet installation and care.

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Hardwood Guide

The most impressive flooring that captures nature’s beauty? That may be up for debate, but Mohawk Hardwood leads the discussion! Look no further to find out more about Mohawk Hardwood types, trims, moldings, installation, and care.

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Tile Guide

Now that you’ve settled on your unique Mohawk Tile flooring design, it’s time to become a tile expert! Here’s our thoughtful take on tile types, properties, installation, and care for your timeless surface- let the learning begin!

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Laminate Guide

Mohawk Laminate Flooring gives your home incredible attributes such as durability, style, and cleanability. Intrigued and eager to learn more? Read along about different types, trims, moldings, and installation in our helpful Laminate guide!

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Area Rugs

Area Rugs Guide

If you have questions about picking the perfect Mohawk Area Rug to uplift your space, we aim to provide the answers you need. Whether it’s selecting a color, construction, the right size or learning about rug pads, we have the information you’re looking for.

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Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Guide

Thanks to the premium UniClic locking system, Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Tile is a breeze to install and ready for traffic immediately. Start with a smooth dry surface and the appropriate tools and you can install your Luxury Vinyl Tile like a pro.

Learn About Luxury Vinyl
Measuring Tips

Measuring Tips

Ready to redecorate? The foundation of your success starts with the most accurate Floor Plan that you can create. Some handy tools and instructions will help you to achieve the correct measurements and make certain your outstanding results!

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