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From SmartStrand Silk, to Wear Dated Embrace, Mohawk is known for offering the softest and most durable carpets available. Now Mohawk is proud to introduce an all-new line of premium soft carpets—EverStrand Soft Appeal.

This exciting new line of polyester carpet is the perfect choice for families looking to balance a comfortable carpet with a comfortable budget. EverStrand Soft Appeal provides the amazing softness, weight and style that have come to define Mohawk’s premium soft carpets.


Many competitive soft polyesters are made by skipping a critical step which leaves an oily residue on the carpet. This residue feels sticky and attracts dirt and grime causing the carpet to look dull and dingy.

With EverStrand, your carpet goes through Mohawk’s exclusive multi-step purification process, Continuum. The unique, patented Continuum process ensures that your beautiful new carpet Starts Clean and Stays Clean.

Also, only Mohawk uses Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology, the most trusted name in stain and soil protection for over 50 years. To prove it, EverStrand carpets come with a lifetime stain resistance warranty.


In addition to developing a reputation for exceptional carpets that resist staining to keep your home clean, Mohawk has also led the industry in recycling. In fact, Mohawk recycles more than 3 billion plastic bottles each year and turns them into beautiful EverStrand carpet. That’s over 25 percent of all bottles recycled in North America. Even the bottle caps and labels are used, so nothing goes to the landfill.

EverStrand Soft Appeal is a choice you can feel good about for generations to come.


EverStrand Soft Appeal provides the ultimate combination of softness, thickness and built-in stain resistance in our trusted EverStrand PET polyester that is both beautiful and affordable. For those seeking a carpet with luxurious softness at a great value, EverStrand Soft Appeal offers a sensible option that is budget-friendly without sacrificing style or performance.

Warranty Information

EverStrand Soft Appeal comes with LIFETIME coverage for stain and soil resistance, pets* and static, as well as 10-year warranties for fade resistance, abrasive wear, texture retention and manufacturer’s defects.

  • Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty
  • Lifetime Soil Resistance
  • Lifetime Pet Warranty
  • Lifetime Anti-Static
  • 10-Year Fade Resistance
  • 10-Year Abrasive Wear
  • 10-Year Texture Retention
  • 10-Year Manufacturing Defects

Everstrand Soft Appeal Benefits

Mohawk Competition
High Bulk & Softness
"On-Trend" Luster Level
Broad Color Offering
Exclusive 2-step Purification Process

Along with great products, price-to-value and customer satisfaction