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Mohawk SmartCushion™ Is An Extremely “Smart” Addition

Added Comfort & Durability Enhances the Performance of Your Carpet

Decorated Girl Smart Cushion

A stunning appearance, remarkable softness and superior fiber construction of our SmartStrand™ carpet and our Wear–Dated™ carpet has earned rave reviews from satisfied homeowners. In our efforts to provide you the best all–around experience possible, we have gone one step further.

Mohawk SmartCushion™, our own engineered carpet cushion, adds even more comfort to your home by enhancing both the feel and performance of your already astounding Mohawk carpet.

Smart Cushion Flip

For starters, SmartCushion is made from a combination of ViscoElastic Memory foam and premium white urethane foam to produce a cushion as tremendously soft as it is durable.

Additionally, the Spill Safe moisture guard keeps spills from seeping into the cushion. No more re–emerging stains; clean–up is a “one–and–done” process with SmartCushion. Plus, there’s no need to worry if spills are not treated immediately: antimicrobial additives to the moisture guard inhibits the growth of mildew, mold, and fungus.

SmartCushion’s deep foam construction creates quieter, more energy efficient rooms by improving your carpet’s sound insulating qualities. Superior Insulation Value (2.1), Sound Transmission Class rating (54), and Impact Insulation Class rating (72) means a more peaceful, tranquil setting where you desire it most — the home!

As a CRI Green Label product for air quality, SmartCushion is also a shining example of our mission to better the planet while improving your quality of living. Made from recycled foam trimmings, our environmentally–friendly cushion is non–allergenic and contains 90% post industrial material.

And we haven’t even begun to explain how Mohawk SmartCushion extends the life of your Mohawk carpet in the form of the ultimate warranty upgrade. We’ve got you covered figuratively and literally — SmartCushion is no exception!

~Mohawk SmartCushion has partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure™ to help fund the battle against breast cancer. Find out what you can do to take part in Decorate for the Cure and help work toward the vision of a cancer–free world.~

Decorate for the Cure 

Decorate for the Cure Logo

Choosing the Perfect Carpet Cushion Now Means More Than Ever

Decorate for the Cure Decorate For the Cure

SmartCushion by Mohawk protects and serves your carpet by adding extra comfort, durability, and an instant warranty upgrade. Now there is another incredible reason for making SmartCushion the choice in your home.

Mohawk is proud to donate to Susan G. Komen between $.02 and $.15 per square yard of the Smart Cushion carpet padding and select Karastan Carpets sold in 2013-2014 in connection to the Decorate for the Cure program with an aggregated guaranteed minimum donation of $200,000.

In addition to providing the ultimate in comfort, performance and protection for your carpet, SmartCushion also works toward the vision of a cancer–free world. Sales of SmartCushion are instantly helping to change lives the same way your home receives instant benefits the minute this remarkable product is purchased and installed.

Making A Difference

As the largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, Komen for the Cure has achieved tremendous, life–saving strides over the last three decades:

  • The number of women over 40 who now receive regular mammograms has more than doubled.
  • The five–year survival rates for early–detected breast cancer has increased to almost 100% in the United States.
  • America’s 2.5 million breast cancer survivors are the largest group of cancer survivors today.

Mohawk is honored to be a part of Decorate for the Cure and this continued aggressive stance against breast cancer.

Be A Resource

In addition to purchasing SmartCushion by Mohawk, you can support the Komen for the Cure movement locally and privately.

Donate: Gifts can be made online, by phone, or mailed to:
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Attn: Donor Services
PO Box 650309
Dallas, TX 75265–0309

Volunteer: Sign up here to join the Komen mailing list to learn about awareness events in your area.

Voice: If you and anyone you know has questions or concerns relating to breast health and breast cancer, please call: 1–877–GO–KOMEN (1–877–465–6636)

~SmartCushion™ by Mohawk is your premium branded cushion that supports great carpet and a great cause~
*The Running Ribbon® is a registered trademark of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.