Laminate Installation

Installing Mohawk laminate flooring is quick and easy with
Uniclic® Technology, our exclusive glueless locking system. For most customers, we recommend hiring a professional to properly install it, but you can still do a few things to prepare.

At the Store

When you buy your laminate flooring, ask your retailer if they have professional installers on staff. If not, ask them to recommend an independent installer for your area. In most cases, the retailer will handle all the details of arranging the installation.

Be sure to ask about additional fees for things like old flooring removal and disposal, and moving larger furniture pieces.

Preparing for Installation

Aside from clearing the installation areas in your home, there are a few other ways to prepare:

Uniclic Laminate Installation: Getting Started

Get the basics on Uniclic laminate installation from flooring expert Chip Wade.

During Installation

Your professional installation team will bring their own tools, but you should be prepared to help them set up and provide access to electrical power outlets. It’s good to have an idea of how you want to orient your flooring, but the installers should be able to advise if you’re not sure.

Installing new floors, especially in several rooms at once, will likely disrupt your daily routine. Keep in mind that your furniture and belongings will get moved around; plan ahead for removing and disposing of old flooring with your installers.

After Installation

Keep your new laminate floors in excellent condition with our laminate care and maintenance tips.

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