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  • I was seriously impressed with this carpet and will definitely be looking into it when we replace the carpet in our house. Hopefully that will happen soon because I am getting tired of trying to hide all the stains by strategically placing furniture and throw rugs over them. -- Diane, blogger from

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    I watched as my daughter’s boyfriend took a piece of carpeting and soaked it down with Gatorade and wine. Then, using a squirt bottle of water, he poured it on the stain. My jaw dropped open as I watched the stain disappear. While Mohawk recommends in its carpet cleaning tips to use a rag, some warm water and a mild dish soap to clean, I was pretty impressed with the results using cold water.
    -- Pam, blogger from

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  • What I loved most about the SmartStrand carpeting is how easy it is to clean. Since The Boy was born, I’ve reduced the amount of chemicals in our home, and try to clean using only natural products. The SmartStrand carpeting can be cleaned with warm water and a clean rag. -- Emily, blogger at Nap Time is My Time.

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    After the demo we had the opportunity to meet Taniya Nyak and JD Roberto (Host of Next Great Family Band and the nationally syndicated Better talk show). They were both extremely sweet and gracious, and took time to chat with Avery.-- Sarah, blogger at Sweet Lil You.
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  • I fell in love with Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpeting the second I saw the demo.... It’s amazing how easy it was to clean the SmartStrand carpeting! I was also assured that tough stains like red wine, ketchup, and juice stains would be just as easy to clean with a little water and mild dish soap. No need for harsh chemicals to wipe up spills. -- Amanda, blogger from

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    With three kids at home, I am quite familiar with carpet stains and we are definitely due for new carpeting at home so I was curious to check out Mohawk SmartStrand. It was definitely nice to see the stain fighting in action. SmartStrand is like no other carpeting as it has a permanent stain and soil resistance built in that will never wear off, not just a topical treatment.
    -- Cher, blogger from

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  • Join Us at A Taste of Colorado!

    The License to Spill truck is headed to downtown Denver on August 31st to participate in the 30th Annual Taste of Colorado. Be sure to stop in and earn your License to Spill while sampling free local cuisine. We will have your favorite celebrities from The Better Show and HGTV on hand to say hello, and you can even watch them tape a TV segment for their show. Come take part in the fun!

    You’re Guaranteed to Find Food You Love

    There is no way you’ll be going home hungry, and that’s because over 50 of Colorado’s most loved restaurants and food establishments will gather at the festival, serving mouth watering meals of all sizes. Be sure to stop by the fine dining area too for tips and techniques from local and nationally renowned chefs!

    There’s Plenty to Keep You Entertained

    Five different stages will keep the party swinging with everything from smooth jazz to feisty rock-n-roll being played. There are also carnival rides for kids and adults as well as a KidZone full of free hands-on craft activities, puppets, clowns and magic shows plus plenty of play equipment. You’ll have fun all day long!

  • Have you heard of Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet? This revolutionary carpet truly gives my family a "license to spill", as it contains built-in stain and soil resistance that will never wear or wash off. Unlike other carpets, the resistance in SmartStrand is not sprayed on since it is built right into the strands of the carpet. -- Desiree, blogger at Wee Share.
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    What is the worst thing about spilling anything on carpet? Nothing, when you have Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpeting! Mohawk is the largest floor manufacturer in the world, selling its beautiful flooring products through retail partners. -- Stephanie, blogger at Military Travel Mama.
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  • I saw the demo and was wowed at the results. I need a carpet like this in my life! The carpet is super easy to clean with water or mild detergent. I am always looking for ways to use fewer chemicals around my family, so I really love that there is no need for harsh carpet cleaners to get this carpet clean. -- Diane, blogger from

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    There were squares of the Mohawk SmartStrand carpet ready for staining. They had 3 spray bottles each with a different mess maker. I sprayed all 3 stain makers on my carpet square and then presented it for stain removal. A ten-year-old boy picked up a bottle of water and started pouring it on the carpet. That’s right WATER, I was amazed. -- Tara, blogger from

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    Right after arriving, we were invited to test why this carpeting is so much better than other carpets on the market today. My son, who is always up to any challenge, stepped up to the plate. He was given three squirt bottles with red wine, soy sauce and blue PowerAde. He enjoyed making quite the mess! -- Cecile, blogger from

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    Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpetis pretty brilliant. At the Highlands Clam Festival in Huddy, New Jersey, I got to see firsthand how this carpet resists red wine, soy sauce and Powerade. I squirted that carpet with a massive amount of stain stuff and watched as mere water removed it all within seconds. Voila! All gone. -- Holly, blogger from

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    At the License to Spill demo area I sprayed red wine and some extremely strong smelling soy sauce on Mohawk SmartStrand carpet. They had a variety of options of everyday messes for us to choose from. Then Max just washed it off with some water. -- Victoria, blogger from

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    Mohawkeven let my kiddos get in on the action, by having them spray dark liquids on pads of carpet and clean it out themselves! With SmartStrand stain resistant carpet, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to get rid of stains; with kids and pets running around, I don’t like using any harsh cleaners in our home so this is amazing for us. -- Amiyrah, blogger from

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  • Lesley Nagy | Co-host of the Better Show

    Lesley Nagy is co-host of the nationally syndicated Better Show, known for bringing viewers the latest trends in entertainment, lifestyle, cooking and design. Lesley is not afraid to tackle any topic, nor go anywhere. Viewers often see Lesley behind-the-scenes, on the red carpet, traveling to beautiful beaches and in Better’s studio giving Audra and JD an insider look at hot trends.

    Chip Wade | HGTV Celebrity Designer

    From concept to construction, Mohawk handyman Chip Wade does it all. You can see him in action as the host and celebrity contractor on HGTV’s popular series “Elbow Room,” which profiles families desperately seeking design help because they’ve outgrown their homes. Chip has also appeared on other HGTV shows, including Curb Appeal: The Block, Showdown, and Design Star, as well as Oprah and CNN.

    Gus Isgro of Isgro Pasticceria serving Canolis!

    Founded in 1904, Isgro is the oldest family owned pastry shop in Philadelphia. Everything is handmade using natural, highquality ingredients. Isgro’s is the only bakery in Philadelphia that still hand-fills your cannoli with a spoon after you’ve decided whether you prefer the ricotta, chocolate, or vanilla cream filling. Many Italian desserts are only made for certain occasions, but since Zepolli is so popular, Isgro’s carries it year-round.

    Peter McAndrews of Paesano's

    Distinctive Philly Style sandwiches with authentic Italian inspiration.Paesano's offers a robust culinary experience in a more casual setting. From house-made lamb sausage to Sicilian Style chic-pea pancakes our menu affords true Italian creation, but with Philly style gusto.

  • Join us at the 43rd Annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival

    The License to Spill truck is touring the West coast, this time stopping in at the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival in San Francisco. Join us on October 19th for a community filled day of fun and all things pumpkin. Enjoy free tastings from a local chef and earn your License to Spill by taking the SmartStrand challenge. We’ll have celebrities from The Better Show and HGTV on hand to meet attendees and tape a TV segment from the License to Spill truck. Come say hello!

    Hungry? There will be every Pumpkin Dish you can think of offered.

    From pumpkin pancakes to pumpkin churros, if you like pumpkins, you’ve arrived in paradise. Feast on plenty of pumpkin flavored foods as well as festival favorites like chili and corndogs– then wash it all down with a Pumpkin Harvest Ale. The festival features the Half Moon Bay Winery and Half Moon Bay Brewing Company whose ale is made from locally grown pumpkins!

    Stick around for all kinds of Pumpkin Fun!

    After tasting the very best of pumpkin cuisine, check out all of the pumpkin activities offered. The festival is celebrating Autumn’s bounty with a display of champion sized pumpkins. There will also be three stages of entertainment, live music, the Great Pumpkin Parade, a haunted house, harvest inspired crafts, an expert pumpkin carving display, a pie-eating contest and a costume contest too! What better way to celebrate the best of Fall?