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Mohawk Smartstrandsilk Reviews

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Great carpet, easy cleaning We had Mohawk SilkStrand carpet installed in our basement two weeks ago. It looks amazing and the feel when walking on it is fantastic. It is very soft and even smooth to the touch. Vacuuming has been effortless. I cannot understand what all the complaints on this review blog are about vacuuming. Our vacuum is nothing special and all I have to do is adjust it to its highest setting off the floor. The carpet looks great again in no time. We have only had one minor spot so far (since it is now a no-shoe zone) and it cleaned up by dabbing it with a wet paper towel. BTW, I rated Durability as "Good" since we have only had the carpet for a short time. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lie on the floor and enjoy the silky softness of this great new carpet. February 8, 2014
excellent product for cat owners This carpet looks doesn't attract cat hair., and cat vomit cleans up completely with water!!!! I put 5 for durability but that category is not really applicable since I have only had the carpet for 9 months February 8, 2014
Silk for Son's Bedroom I am so pleased with my Mohawk Smartstrand Silk carpet purchase for my son's room. When the 55 gallon fish tank exploded it was time for new carpet. The carpet is so soft that the kids spend more time on the floor playing and reading than I ever would have guessed. Special thanks to Nonn's Flooring in Middleton for the quick, personalized service and wonderful installation experience. It's been 4 months since we had the carpet installed and I am still so happy with the decision to go with Silk. December 31, 2013
Vacuums Can someone please tell me (and be specific) on which vacuum to use on the Smartstrand Silk? I love the carpet but if I can't vacuum it I am not going to keep it. I live 45 miles from a big city and can't run back and forth trying out vacuums. May 8, 2013
Smartstrandsilk is a wonderful product that I would recommend to anyone. I say without hesitation that this is the most amazing carpet I have ever owned. The feel of the carpet is unbelievably soft and feels great to walk on in your bare feet. I have no doubt the durability of this carpet will outlast any carpet I have ever owned. January 13, 2013
outstanding carpet really pleased with the look and feel of the carpet. when you buy by looking at a small sample you find yourself pleased when the final installation rewards you with a beautiful looking and super soft feeling as you walk on it. really enjoying investimant November 8, 2012
Best carpet ever! We love our new carpet it looks great in our home! It is great for our one year old also! Because its soft. cushioned, and its safe for him to roll around on! Especially when he gets a little attitude and throws a mini temper tantrum. He likes to throw his head back on the floor, luckily we have that carpet it really protects him from any extra fussiness accumulated with his mini temp tant! As well it is marvelous to walk and lay on! Thank you we love it! The colors in it really compliment our decor which I feel the carpet is a decor in itself! November 4, 2012
Carpet I have used Mohawk 3 times in the past. Someone talked me into using another brand when I built my house I am in now. BIG mistake. I am replacing my carpet again soon and it will be Mohawk. Mohawk is easy to clean and durable. October 21, 2012
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