SmartStrand Tri-Star

Faster Turns Means More Savings

We put our carpets through the ultimate test in the SmartStrand Challenge.arrow

Resistant to the most relentless stains

SmartStrand® fibers are permanently resistant to stains. Unlike most carpets treated with topical stain guards, SmartStrand features breakthrough stain protection built into each individual fiber that will never wash or wear off.

Cross Section

arrowSmartStrand dries faster than nylon and can be cleaned with water rather than chemicals, reducing cleaning time and costs between tenants.

1SmartStrand fibers provide protection (indicated in blue) permanently engineered throughout the entire core of the fiber.

2The leading nylon brands contain topically-applied protection (indicated in green) that is only on the surface, allowing it to wash off with routine cleaning or be worn off with normal wear.

SmartStrand Has Durability in its DNA

SmartStrand is built to handle the highest foot-traffic. Unlike most carpet fibers built with a straight, up and down molecular design, SmartStrand features a unique, kinked crystal structure that resists the crushing and matting that can occur with other carpets.

DNA Illustration

SmartStrand durability translates to fewer turns and more satisfied tenants.arrow

Consumers scored SmartStrand carpet fiber:

  • #1 in satisfaction
  • Easiest to clean
  • Most dirt/soil resistant
  • Best in maintaining its original appearance

Source: 2011 Fiber Satisfaction Study, The Brandware Group, Inc.