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When it comes to a carpet that truly has it all, look no further than SmartStrand. Where traditional carpets fall short, SmartStrand Forever Clean offers permanent stain resistance, spill and soil protection, long-lasting durability and it’s made in part from renewable ingredients. Truly a worry-free solution, SmartStrand Forever Clean is the perfect flooring for busy households.

Now imagine all of the benefits of SmartStrand Forever Clean combined with the added luxury of supreme softness. In SmartStrand Silk, each strand of carpet is packed with 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. That's 3X more individual fibers than found in traditional nylon carpet.

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SmartStrand featuring ColorMax technology is the latest innovation in soft surface flooring. ColorMax offers beautifully blended colorations that complement the natural depth and color variation of wood and stone.


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All Pets

Be Protected

All Accidents. All Pets. All the Time.

The best carpet for pet owners yet. It's the only carpet protection and warranty for all pets, all accidents, all the time.

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SmartStrand Forever Clean. Superior stain resistant carpet from Mohawk Flooring.
Extraordinarily Clean

Built-in Stain Protection

SmartStrand Forever Clean has no dye sites for spills to adhere to and become stains. This truly pet-proof carpet stays clean even when your pet has repeated accidents, your carpet remains easy to clean.
All Pet
Extraordinarily Clean


Advanced Nanoloc technology completely encapsulates the fiber, so it's 3X easier to remove pet hair, soil, and dander.
All Pet
Extraordinarily Clean

0% Absorption

With SmartStrand Forever Clean, pet accidents won't absorb into the fiber. This added protection from moisture and liquid spills prevents and reduces common pet-related odors.
All Pet

15 Years of Extraordinary

Extraordinary Carpet in Extraordinary Situations

For families who do it all, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet has it all. Permanent stain resistance, spill & soil protection, exceptional durability, and superior softness make SmartStrand the only carpet made for extraordinary living.

“When my carpet feels clean, my whole house feels clean, and I feel relaxed. ”

The Zoo Challenge

By carpeting the wildlife enclosures at the Dallas Zoo, Mohawk proved that people and animals alike are wild about SmartStrand carpet.


The Family Challenge

Mohawk took the challenge to the Family Circle Cup and proved that active families are no match for SmartStrand carpet.


The Kid Challenge

Mohawk searched the country to find America’s messiest kids, but not one of them could stain SmartStrand carpet.


The Food Challenge

Mohawk took SmartStrand carpet on the road to 12 food festivals to show there’s no recipe that can outsmart SmartStrand.


The Puppy Challenge

In the most adorable challenge yet, Mohawk installed carpet on the Puppy Bowl X field to prove that SmartStrand can stand up to stains and wear from household pets.


The Mud Challenge

Mohawk placed SmartStrand carpet at the finish line of Tough Mudders around the country, proving that SmartStrand Forever Clean is always a winner.


To the Max

Mohawk placed SmartStrand carpet in an enclosure with a 2.7-ton rhino for two weeks to prove that SmartStrand takes durability to the max.


Extraordinarily Clean

Offers Spill And Soil Protection And Permanent Stain Resistance

Exceptionally Durable

Preserves The Style, Beauty And Appearance Of Your Carpet

Environmentally Friendly

Made In Part From Annual Renewable Plant-Based Ingredients

Environmental Impact

Forever Soft

Softness Without Sacrifice

SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean does not sacrifice softness for performance. To achieve its luxurious feel, SmartStrand Silk packs 700 silk-like fibers into just one strand of yarn, maintaining the carpet's appearance even after 60,000 steps—that’s 3X longer than comparable nylon carpets.
#1 Customer Satisfaction

11 Million Happy Homes

SmartStrand Forever Clean is the highest rated carpet in customer satisfaction. Even active families with children and pets can live more and worry less when they choose SmartStrand Forever Clean. That's why SmartStrand is installed in more than 11 million happy homes and counting.
Made in the USA

Proudly Made in America

Mohawk carpet, including SmartStrand Forever Clean, has always been made in America. From conception to carpet, Mohawk employees create the best American-made products with persistence, innovation, ingenuity, and cutting-edge technology, providing the foundations for homes and businesses around the world.
Forever Sustainable

Beauty Without Compromise

SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only renewable carpet fiber, certified free of harmful substances, to preserve eco-friendly homes and a beautiful planet. SmartStrand is made in part with annually renewable, plant-based materials, minimizing the usage of our limited natural resources and reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing process.
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The Most Durable, Easiest to Clean Carpet on the Planet

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