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Starts Clean. Stays Clean.


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Fresh Carpet Technology

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft is the best odor resistant carpet for reducing household odors and keeping your home clean and fresh. Forever Fresh Ultrasoft carpet doesn’t just hide odors. It fights dirt and grime from its PET fiber core and neutralizes lingering smells from pets, dirt, and residue.

The Science of Odor Control Carpet

The secret to odor resistant carpet is Mohawk's innovative odor neutralizing technology that provides long-lasting freshness. Your family and pets can safely enjoy the softness and comfort of your Forever Fresh Ultrasoft carpet for years to come.

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft Facts

  • Keeps your home smelling fresh with innovative odor neutralizing technology
  • Feels soft to touch and comfortable underfoot with the best PET carpet fiber available
  • Keep your carpet clean with EasyClean™ stain and soil protection.
  • Made with up to 100% recycled content for a cleaner planet
  • Manufactured using Mohawk's patented Continuum process to ensure your carpet starts clean and stays clean

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A Fresh Start

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft odor neutralizing carpet keeps your floor fresh from start to finish.

Pet Odor Control

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft Carpet

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft carpet uses a natural, nontoxic treatment to continuously neutralize stinky pet odors. Together with 3M ScotchgardTM Protector, Forever Fresh Ultrasoft protects your carpet from liquid stains and lessens lingering odors from pet accidents.

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Starts Clean. Stays Clean.

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft Carpet

Lesser polyester carpets retain the oily manufacturing lubricants that attract dirt, dander, and odor-causing grime. Mohawk is different. Through the patented Continuum process, we are able to remove 95% of residual lubricants that other manufacturers miss, ensuring your Forever Fresh Ultrasoft carpet starts clean and stays clean.

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Forever Fresh Ultrasoft Carpet

Innovative Odor Technology

The secret to odor resistant carpet is Mohawk's innovative odor neutralizing technology that provides long-lasting freshness for your family and pets to enjoy for years to come.

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Cleaner Product. Cleaner Planet.

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft Carpet

Mohawk’s patented Continuum process provides a stronger, better PET polymer, made with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content. Through our commitment to sustainability and innovation, Mohawk makes a better carpet while diverting over 5 billion plastic beverage bottles from landfills each year.

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Mohawk’s patented Continuum process is the ultimate innovation in PET carpet that provides the best in cleanability and performance. Discover how Mohawk’s commitment to sustainability means a better carpet for your home and our planet.

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