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Samples are the best way to see how the new flooring will look and feel in your home.

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Shipping is built right into the sample price. You’ll get your flooring samples fast with no extra fees.

Generous Sizes

We offer samples in 9” x 9” squares for carpet and generous sizes for hard surfaces. To get a real feel for the product, try ordering 4 samples and lining them up together.

Save 10%

Many of our retailers offer coupons when you order samples online.

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Design Trends

If you're updating a room, exploring the latest design and style trends is a useful and fun way to generate ideas.

European Elegance

Embellishments like medallions, scrolled accents, and stitchery take the spotlight in this theme, inspired by the Renaissance era.

Country Chic

This casual and uniquely American style includes rustic accents, pale washes, and watercolor effects with aged heirlooms and vintage looks.

Tribal Instinct

This eclectic look combines tribal influences in a modern way. Design elements include geometric patterns, Aztec and ikat prints, diamond shapes, chevrons, and woven textiles.


This style prides itself on resourcefulness with innovative uses for reclaimed, natural materials and items made from recycled elements, like EverStrand®, our most sustainably produced carpet with up to 100% recycled content.

Eastern Elements

This global, exotic look includes textured ikat patterns, jagged edges, bright colors, and detailed, curved designs influenced by Turkish, Persian, and Asian cultures.

Modern Craftsman

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and William Morris textiles, this American style blends rustic and modern elements with a focus on handcrafted and reclaimed looks.

Smart & Modern

With the recent revival of mid-century design, this look balances bright hues with neutrals, polished natural wood in honey tones, and bold, clean geometric shapes.

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