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A Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Carpet Buyer's Checklist

A Major Decision

Choosing a carpet for your home is a major decision. Actually, it’s a series of several decisions. There are so many types and styles of carpet and so many other aspects to consider, the task can be daunting. Although not exhaustive, this checklist will walk you step by step through the main considerations that will ultimately help lead you to the perfect carpet for your home.

Picking the Right Carpet For Your Home

  • Consider who spends time in your home. Don’t forget to include visitors and pets.
  • Taking into account your lifestyle and the daily use of your floors, rank the importance of carpet’s durability, cleanability and stain resistance.
  • Consider your environment. Does your carpet need protection from moisture, sun exposure or other elements?
  • If you or a family member suffers from allergies, make a note to shop for carpet with the CRI Green Label Plus logo.

Carpet Fibers and Construction

  • Identify your decorating style and gather samples of existing paint, fabrics, and adjacent flooring.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different carpet construction options.
  • Determine which carpet fiber will perform best in your home, such as polyester for stain resistance, nylon for durability, or Triexta for both.
  • Learn about the various carpet treatments available today, such as to repel spills, UltraStrand technology for wear resistance, and Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean with 0% moisture absorption and lifetime built-in stain protection.
  • Determine what type of padding will be best for the carpet in your home, keeping in mind that the more you invest in padding, the longer your carpet will last.

How to Measure and Purchase Carpet

  • Measure your space to estimate your square footage. Multiply length times width of the room(s) to equal square footage, and for square yards, divide by nine. Add 10% to the total (multiply by 1.10) for a good working estimate.
  • Figure in carpet price, padding cost, installation and additional fees to create a realistic budget and to accurately compare products.
  • Consider your environment. Does your carpet need protection from moisture, sun exposure or other elements?
  • Consider the type of shopping experience you want and then look for a retailer near you.

Carpet Installation and Maintenance Tips

  • Before you purchase, read all warranty information carefully to fully understand any requirements.
  • Talk to your retailer about choosing an installer. Quality installation can affect the longevity of your carpet, and many warranties require professional installation.
  • Prepare your home for installation. Move everything out of the room(s) and clear a generous path to the room(s), removing all breakables. Vacuum the old carpet to reduce airborne dust during removal.
  • Read the literature from the carpet manufacturer to learn how to care for your new carpet. Professional cleaning receipts may be required for your warranty.

Your Flooring Guide

At Mohawk, we strive to produce the most innovative, fashionable flooring solutions to give you the beauty you want and the performance you need in every space of your home. With Mohawk, you can have it all: carpet, wood, tile, vinyl and rugs.


Wood flooring has long been a hallmark of sophisticated taste and style, whether urban or rustic, contemporary or vintage. Prized for its natural beauty and timeless appeal, wood in the home provides richness and warmth.



One of the most durable, low-maintenance and natural choices for flooring, tile can lend traditional sophistication or playful contemporary color and glamorous shine or worn vintage charm.



Far beyond your grandmother’s yellowed linoleum, Mohawk’s innovations have produced vinyl flooring beautiful enough and durable enough for any room, even in the most active of households.

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