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Umbrian Walnut Plank

  • Dark & rich in color, swirling grain.


  • Deep graining & hand scraping add contrast & character.


  • 7.5 inches.


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Essential information about laminate flooring.

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Laminate installation

Check all planks in daylight before and during installation. Never install a defective plank.

Select planks from 2-3 cartons at a time to even out color variation. This helps avoid installing too many light or dark planks next to each other.

Get a few spare cartons of flooring to make up for cutting mistakes, or in case planks need replacement later on.

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Our Warranty

  • Lifetime

    Limited Warranty
    & Maintenance

    This warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship which relate to joint integrity, staining, fading, wear, and moisture

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Care Tips

Shoes on laminate

Vacuum or sweep with a soft-bristled broom regularly, especially in high traffic areas, to prevent grit or buildup from scratching the surface.

Keep pets' nails trimmed and paws free of dirt, grime, and debris. Remove shoes with sharp or damaged heels.

Use felt or similar protective pads on all furniture legs. Rearrange furniture and rugs regularly so that the floor ages evenly.

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