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We offer samples in 9” x 9” squares for carpet and generous sizes for hard surfaces. To get a real feel for the product, try ordering 4 samples and lining them up together.

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Many of our retailers offer coupons when you order samples online.

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This color is discontinued.

This color is discontinued.
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Accessories available for SolidTech

Contact your retailer for more information.

Overlap Stair Nose

The vinyl stair nose trim provides a finished edge to coordinate with floor covering on your staircase. The molding is designed with durability to handle the routine foot traffic along the edge of your stairs. This water-resistant molding can be installed along stairs in any room. The profile is user friendly and easy to install. These pre-finished moldings coordinate beautifully in design and texture with floors, no painting or staining required..

Quarter Round

These pre-finished moldings cover the expansion space between the floor and the wall.

Vinyl Stair Cap

Creates a smooth and flush finish on the edges of steps by using the same vinyl flooring plank to ensure a corresponding color and texture.

4-in-1 Transition

Performance Accessories' exclusive 4-in-1 transition allows you to utilize a single transition for four different applications.


Used to transition between flooring of equal heights and in doorways.

Hard Surface Reducer

Connects two floors of different heights.

End Molding

Creates a smooth and flush finish on the edges of steps where the flooring meets the transition.

Carpet Transition

Provides a smooth transition between your hard surface floor and carpet.

Check all flooring in daylight for color, quality, and visible defects before and during installation.

Select flooring from 2-3 cartons at a time to even out color variation and ensure a random appearance.

Remove all furniture, appliances, and wall and doorway trim beforehand. Be sure to check specific installation instructions for the subfloor, too.

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