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Advanced Innovation
For All Walks of Life

SolidTech is the only vinyl brand on the market designed with a waterproof and stain-resistant system capable of withstanding family life with kids and pets running through a home on a daily basis.

100% Waterproof

Superior performance in wet areas, such as basements and bathrooms and provides easy maintenance for spills.

Easy To Clean

Solidtech keeps spills on the surface making cleanup tremendously easy. Solidtech’s engineered finish makes it stain and scuff resistant.

Dent Resistance

Provides Rigid Core for dent resistance for extreme durability in high traffic areas.

Hurricane Harvey Flood Waters No Match for SolidTech

Hurricane Proof Flooring

If SolidTech flooring can withstand a real hurricane, just imagine how it can stand up to the everyday chaos in your home.


SolidTech Plank Flooring Collections









Grandwood Collection

Twelve striking color options such as Nightfall, Pearl Platinum, and Castle Rock create bold, innovative looks for unforgettable rooms.

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Revelance Collection

Bring rooms to life with a touch of class. Eight alluring colorways including Brownstone, Sandstone, and Burnt Ember.

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Variations Collection

Inspired color selections that offer rich design potential throughout the home. Widest plank design for enhanced elegance anywhere you choose.

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About SolidTech

New Standard in Vinyl Flooring

SolidTech vinyl plank flooring introduces a totally new class of hard surface floors. Learn more about what this revolutionary product can do for homes with active families.


All Pets



SolidTech vinyl plank flooring isn’t water-resistant—it’s waterproof. That means Uniclic MultiFit technology creates an impenetrable, tight lock that does not allow liquid through. Splashes and spills are kept on the surface for easy cleanup.




The same remarkable engineering that makes SolidTech waterproof also makes it impervious to odors. SolidTech will not absorb even trace amounts of liquid, so there’s no mildew growth. Air remains fresh within the home.

Easy to Clean


Enjoy more quality time instead of cleaning. When spills and accidents inevitably happen, SolidTech keeps them on the surface making cleanup tremendously easy. SolidTech’s engineered finish makes it stain and scuff resistant, so your floors look newer for longer.

Scratch Resistant


Rest assured that your attractive floors will not succumb to the pressures of an active home. SolidTech floors resist scratches, scuffs, and indentations thanks to the rigidness and density of the engineered planks.

Lays Flat, Stays Flat


One of the most impressive aspects of SolidTech’s superior engineering is the ability to be easily installed at all angles for flawless results:

  • Uniclic MultiFit technology allows for true DIY ease of installation with quick, professional results.
  • SolidTech is 50% denser than average composite core flooring, so these planks will not telegraph visual imperfections of the underlying surface, even ceramic tile.
  • Thanks to their rigid, dense construction, SolidTech vinyl plank floors also resist indentation and maintain dimensional stability under heat and extreme temperature change.

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