Pet-Friendly, Sustainable Carpet

Shopping with a furry, four-legged friend in mind? Enter Mohawk PETPremier™ — inherently stain-resistant, beautiful PET carpet backed by our All Pet® warranty. Plus, it’s sustainably made with recycled plastic bottles. Stain resistant, stylish, and sustainable. Seriously.

  • All Pet® Warranty
  • Continuum®
  • EasyClean™
<h2>All Pets. All Accidents. All The Time.</h2>

All Pets. All Accidents. All The Time.

We are committed to creating innovative products that make life easier for you and your pets. That’s why we offer soft surface flooring that is back by our All Pet Protection & Warranty.



We make PETPremier using Mohawk Continuum, the ultimate innovation in PET carpet. This patented process takes premium PET from the highest-grade polymer, strengthens the fiber, and removes dirt-attracting residue with a multistep purification system. So you get a durable, long-lasting carpet made with post-consumer recycled content, contributing to a cleaner planet.

<h2>Long-Lasting Stain &#38; Soil Protection</h2>

Long-Lasting Stain & Soil Protection

Keep your floors looking newer for longer with Mohawk’s innovative EasyClean™ technology, offering enhanced resistance against stains and soil, resulting in a reduced cleanup time.