• All Pet® Warranty
  • CleanProtect®
  • WetProtect®
  • GenuEdge®
<h2>All Pets. All Accidents. All the Time.</h2>

All Pets. All Accidents. All the Time.

Mohawk’s All Pet® warranty covers all pets, all accidents, all the time.

<h2>Featuring CleanProtect<sup>&#174;</sup> Technology</h2>

Featuring CleanProtect® Technology

Featured on RevWood Premier styles, CleanProtect with Activeguard technology has antimicrobial properties built in to protect the floor.

<h2>Featuring WetProtect<sup>&#174;</sup></h2>

Featuring WetProtect®

WetProtect offers the right kind of waterproof with water-tight joints, Mohawk’s proprietary waterproof finish and a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty.


Featuring GenuEdge®

GenuEdge Technology enables the surface design and color to 'roll over' the edge for the most realistic plank looks.

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Six unique styles featuring 27 colors with milled bevel edges and 10-year waterproof protection. 

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Eleven unique styles featuring 47 colors with WetProtect® lifetime surface and subfloor waterproof warranty.

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Four unique styles featuring 18 colors and Signature™ Technology to provide the highest level of beauty, durability, and waterproof protection. 


Terrace Oak

Khaki Oak

Tilled Oak

Golden Sand Oak

Sunbathed Pecan

Sea Otter Oak

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